Childhood Memories

The memories of good triumph the bad,

        But sitting here now invites me to feel sad.

Young, ambitious, naive to the workings of the world,

       How I wish I had some in a bottle to be unfurled.

The days in the woods, the use of the family card, it was all free or so it seemed,

       Now I know the cost, bound by fear or so I've deemed.

Nights on the river bank with the stars too numerous to count,

       How do I regain those carefree seems so hard to surmount. 

Nostalgia can be tricky because we only see a side,

       But if it helps me live out of heart then I'll take any of it any stride!

But I know I'll look back on these days just the same,

       So it beckons me to grab my loved ones holding them in this present frame.

To live wholehearted is a noble task,

       Because you can't be present, with heart, and live behind a mask.

- James Trone