Suffering, Pain, and Surrender

There is so much to be said, lived, and processed around pain and yet we rarely talk about it in our daily lives. Instead, we find that society invites us to avoid it through some invitation that subtly says, "this will bring you happiness" or "this will take away the pain". The reality is that true joy must be lived through the pain not away from it. The means that we must surrender or fall into it not from it. This is why Step 3 in the Twelve Step program is so powerful which says, "Made a Decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as I understood Him".

The paradox to our pain is in the surrendering to it. Life is found once we surrender to the struggle albeit emotional, physical, and mental. There is life on the other side though it cannot be known or understood until we grow through it. Richard Rohr writes is so well in a recent daily mediation that I have linked that he titled Luminous Darkness

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