You know your addicted, how to know your in addiction

The hope of sex & porn addiction recovery is not only being sober but being healed and in recovery. It is a great feeling when you can live life without the fear of some giant monster looming over your shoulder waiting to pull you back into the depths of the disease. The problem is that so often we have already started down the path of addiction and we do not even realize it. While we might have all the right intentions and motives, one still gets caught up in the disease. It is often said that one can make all the promises in the world but when the addiction train is near, you get right back on it.

What are ways you can know when we are in danger of acting out? The goal is to catch and be aware of early warning signs. The simplest way is to be aware of when you are not "feeling". We are created as "emotional" beings. Sexual addiction and porn addiction is fueled but us trying  not to feel our feelings. Chip Dodd in his book "Voice of the Heart" narrows our core feelings down to eight (glad, sad, hurt, lonely, shame, guilt, anger, and fear).