The approach is to career counseling is more about helping you know yourself so then you can be yourself. Chip Dodd summarizes it well saying, “be who you are made to be so that you can do what you are made to do”. Often times its the questions around one’s career that lead to deeper issues that are longing to be answered.  The more you know your heart the more you will be able to answer and know what that looks like on a daily basis. 

The Process

Counseling for individuals navigating career issues and in search of a fulfilling vocation:

  • Test and Assessment (refers out for the 90 minute to 2 hour testing / evaluation) and then we regroup for the addition counseling around career issues
  • Guide to helping navigate the deeper core needs and emotions around one’s dreams and aspirations.
  • Process more elemental questions instead of "What's my next job? What do I need to do next?" Rather, it is to experience "Who am I? What am I passionate about?"

John Bradshaw writes in his book “The Shame That Binds You”, “ If we are willing to pursue it, the revelation of the “true self” will lead to the revolutionary discovery of our spiritual destiny and calling. It is more vulnerable to talk about our dreams than our pain. It is in our dreams that we are most exposed.