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Trauma can be very difficult to navigate (especially without treatment) because often times we do not give it the attention it deserves. Anxiety, addiction, depression, and relational conflict are often times the byproduct of trauma. The best way to treat trauma is to talk about it in the midst of a very safe setting. One of the most proven treatments for trauma is EMDR. 

Anger Management

Emotions, such as anger, do not cause our behavior. Rather, it acts as a catalyst for it. We make the decision to behave a certain way. Our feelings are just our feelings. It is how we respond through them that can bring forth connection or disconnection with others. In fact, our feelings can be a great tool and gift if we learn to honor and use them rather than repress them. It can be very hard to navigate and manage emotions, especially when it comes to what we typically call "anger".

The reality is that we cannot and are not meant to control our feelings. The feeling of "anger" is neither bad nor good. It is what we do with our anger and how we act on our anger that makes the difference. Anger can give us the gift of passion and desire if we come to allow anger to be a gift. It is also important to note that anger is not rage. Rage is based in fear and the attempt to not feel fear.  Chip Dodd describes authentic anger as "a caring feeling, telling us that something matters".

Surprisingly, the impaired form of anger is depression not rage. Depression comes on when we attempt to not have passion for something.

~ content and ideas from Voice of the Heart - Chip Dodd

Grief Therapy

Grief is one of the hardest emotions to go through. When we are in the middle of it, often times we just want some relief. It can also be a time of clarity of what really matters. When are in the middle of grief, the last thing we want is to be told is "its going to be ok" or "all things work together for the good..." and "God's got a plan". 

My approach is to not give advice but rather sit with you in the midst of where you are. Grief often causes us to feel so alone and leads us to ask some really big and powerful questions. My hope is to offer an environment where you can just be you and feel the freedom to ask those hard questions without being judged.