Emotions, such as anger, do not cause our behavior. Rather, it acts as a catalyst for it. We make the decision to behave a certain way. It is the difference between acting verses reacting. 

Our emotions are just our emotions. They are temporary and short lived. It is how we respond through them that can bring forth connection or disconnection with others. In fact, our emotions can be a great tool and gift if we learn to honor and use them rather than repress them. It can be very hard to navigate and manage emotions, especially when it comes to what we typically call "anger". The problem with anger / rage is that our brain often shuts down from our logical state and moves into a more primal state. It is in the primal state of living that can be very dangerous and detrimental for us and others around us.

The reality is much of our intense emotions especially anger point back to our past. The point is to not rehash our past. Rather to name and not blame what has happened. Healing and recovery happens when we come to terms, grieve, and accept certain events, memories, and parts of our story that we have tried to ignore in the past.