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  • My fee is $150 per session. The length of my sessions range from 50 to 55 minutes.

  • Generally, I meet with clients on a weekly basis. I have found that the most progress occurs on a weekly basis.

Scheduled / Missed Appointments: 

  • Clients are free to cancel previously scheduled sessions provided 24 hours notice is given. Otherwise, I charge for a missed or dropped appointment at the last minute.

  • The charge is waived for an emergency or special circumstance.


  • I do not accept and process insurance. I do provide a receipt of service that can be used if you want to process your own insurance claims. Pending your insurance plan, some insurers will process sessions through an HSA / Flex Spending account. That all depends upon your insurance. Some clients have found they prefer not going through their insurance provider because in order to claim insurance you have to provide a diagnosis which then becomes part of your medical record.